Shop Review: Caboodle Gifts

By Bustle Packs • Blog, Bustle Pack • 30 Jun 2012

Shop local first.

I’m always on the lookout for household goods that are made in the USA – and when you find a store with all Colorado-made items, you know you’ve found a treasure. There are quite a few Colorado-made stores in Denver, so let’s add this one to the hometown pride list.

Caboodle Gifts, 1515 S. Holly Street, Denver

Caboodle touts its unique and handcrafted gifts and is tucked into a tiny strip mall at E. Florida Avenue and S. Holly Street. (I’m thrilled that it’s walking distance from my house).

They have some excellent shea butter, soap and candle collections. My favorite was a yummy, grounding frankincense meditation candle.

I bought a large jar of lavender shea butter, a handmade poinsettia greeting card and a carefully stitched red gift bag for my mother, all under $33. Gift shopping is done!

In case yours isn’t, or you want to find some amazing and affordable gifts for yourself, visit Caboodle. They carry wine racks, end tables and clocks made of film reels, which are, of course, made in Colorado. These one-of-a-kind household staples are the perfect gift for a film buff, or for that special filmmaker in your life.

Another fantastic find is the jewelry (OK, let’s get real. Anything shiny is fantastic.) The best part about these handmade baubles is that they are affordable. The bird’s nest necklaces are $20.

Stop in and chat with the shop owner, Marlene. She’s kind, knowledgeable and fully lives in the locally-made movement, something we should all support.

And thanks to Marlene for carrying Bustle Packs!