Now available at MegaFauna

By Bustle Packs • Blog, MegaFauna • 5 Jun 2011

MegaFauna features wearable, affordable art. Pictured here is a DeRailed Ink shirt with the Shrooms! pack.

Bustle Packs have a home in Denver, Colorado!

Bustle Packs are now available at MegaFauna, a gallery and retail store. MegaFauna’s owners provide a fun atmosphere featuring one of a kind, locally made items, including large-scale art pieces, furniture, clothing and accessories. The store also offers “a platform for Colorado’s creatives to outlet their art, vend merchandise, develop community relationships, and mentor.”

It’s located in the River North (RINO) Art District at 2701 Larimer, Denver, Colorado (upstairs from the Meadowlark) and on many days they are open well into the evening!

MegaFauna is a fertile and fresh location where all members of the community are welcome to participate in the cultivation of new ideas, crafts and the support of Denver- and Colorado-based artists.

Check our their site for workshops, events and artist info.