Beam Me Up!

By Bustle Packs • Blog, Brocade, Bustle Pack, Magic • 21 May 2011

Are you ready for some Midnight Magic? These Brooklyn-disco-house-inspired Bustle Packs want to take you downtown.

Intense brocade peeks out from under each of the black ruffles. The bag and straps are strong and soft.

Open the bag and gaze into a starry night of navy and gold Egyptian lining.

The four-snap closure is adjustable for a 34-36″ hip band.

Bag measures 10″ at the zipper and 13″ at the bottom.
Straps are 3″ wide.


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One Response

  1. Hi there!

    My name is Giulia Pecone and I am the Showcase Director for the arts organization RAW: natural born artist in Denver, CO. Nina Hall referred me to you and I LOVE your collection!

    We are an eclectic artist showcase organization and throw a multi-artistic event every month in cities all across the States, filled with local creatives who we handpick to participate. Our shows include anything from visual artists to performing artists including photographers, painters, videographers, musicians, dancers, body painters, makeup artists, fashion artists, DJs, and so much more.

    Along with being part of a great event, you get featured on our web site, get an online profile on our web community, photographs of your work from the event, and video footage. During the production, our videographer will do an interview with you, so that following the show you will have your own personal video to use as your own promotional material.

    For one, in order to cover expenses needed for production, staff, and the venue, we ask that all artists sell 20 tickets (which are only $10/each) to the event. For the most part, all of our artists have at least 20 friends or family members who would come out to support; it’s a way for your supporters to sort of sponsor your event. Another option is to skip tickets all together and pay a $200 showcase fee, with which you receive 20 free tickets to give out to your guests.

    I’d love to include you in an upcoming event, so let me know what you think. Our next show is September 1st at Jet Hotel. This could be a big month for us as we’re being featured in 5280 Magazine!

    Feel free to call me at (303) 775-4543 or e-mail me any time.